Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New Animated Bird Movie--This Spring

Coming this April is a new animated movie, titled "Rio," by the creators of the "Ice Age" movies.

Like the movie "Happy Feet" this upcoming movie uses characters based on real bird species, catchy music, and vivid animation to tell an interesting story and address conservation issues.

The movie focuses on the last two parrots of a species called Blue Macaw in the movie and the need to breed these remaining individuals to save the species from extinction.

It also touches upon the impact that animal smuggling and illegal pet trade can have on bird populations.

The Blue Macaw characters seem to be based on actual species, like the Spix Macaw and the Hyacinth Macaw, which have suffered as a result of illegal pet trade and habitat loss. Fortunately, Hyacinth Macaws have not been decimated to the extremely low levels of the birds in the movie, however Spix Macaws disappeared in the wild in 2000 and around 120 individuals remain in captivity today. It's hoped that captive breeding coupled with habitat restoration will allow for the reintroduction of the birds back into their native habitat eventually.

So go see Rio this April and consider supporting organizations that are helping to save parrot species from extintction.